The Denne Hill Estate

The Denne Hill estate centres around Denne Hill Farm but is also home to the Denne Hill Cross Country Ride and the Denne Hill Business Centre.

The Denne Hill Estate is predominantly an arable farm. We grow wheat (both milling and feed), barley (both malting and feed), oil seed rape, beans and linseed. These get produced on Denne Hill Farm in Kent. The produce that Denne Hill produces is then sold on to a variety of local, national and even international markets.

The grass meadows and parkland on the Denne Hill Estate are grazed extensively by both sheep and cattle. As our grassland is all carefully managed under Environmental Schemes, we have managed to attract a large number of wild flowers and other flora and fauna to the parkland. This means that Denne Hill is also home to a large number of wild farmland birds who really like the habitat we provide for them.

You will not only find Denne Hill Farms here on the Estate but you will also find a Cross Country Ride for horse enthusiasts, with riding events scheduled throughout the year and the thriving Denne Hill Business Centre where various businesses operate from.